What You Had To Know About Wasp, Bee And Hornet Stings

When it comes to travel medicine, Lafayette Hill residents want to know about the different health threats that they could face when they are traveling abroad. When you are planning a trip to South America or Africa, one infection that you want to be aware of is called yellow fever. This will help you to better take the steps necessary to reduce your risk. There is a vaccine available that could help to reduce your risk.

Exploring the Causes of Yellow Fever

If a mosquito is infected with yellow fever and it bites you, there is a risk of you developing this infection. It is a type of virus, so antibiotics are not able to treat it. Getting bit by a mosquito in an area where the infection is common does not automatically mean that you will get sick. However, you still want to do what you can to prevent getting bitten by these pests.

Important Information About the Symptoms

There are typically two phases to this infection. During the acute phase, you could experience:

-Headache and fever

-Light sensitivity and dizziness

-Muscle aches

-Nausea and vomiting

-Appetite loss

-Red face, tongue or eyes

If your condition gets to the toxic phase, the symptoms can become more severe. Not everyone will experience this phase or these symptoms. Toxic phase symptoms include:


-Reduced urination

-Slow heart rate

-Brain dysfunction

-Vomiting and abdominal pain

-Mouth, visit the website eye and nose bleeding

-Kidney and liver dysfunction

Getting an Accurate Diagnosis

Your doctor will draw some blood and ask questions to learn more about your symptoms and travel history. In some cases, the virus can be seen in your bloodwork. In other cases, doctors can use your blood to look for antibodies that are associated with this infection.

Learning About the Treatment Options

There is no single treatment that will cure this infection. Because of this, your doctor will provide supportive care to help keep you comfortable while your body is fighting the virus. This could include include oxygen and More about the author fluids, blood loss replacement, treating secondary infections, keeping your blood pressure stable and dialysis for kidney failure. This level of treatment is typically only necessary when someone is in the toxic phase with the more severe symptoms.

You can see that learning more about yellow fever is an important part of travel medicine in Lafayette Hill. It is important that you are aware of the major health conditions in other countries because there are often things you can do to reduce your risk of getting sick. This is true for yellow fever. When you reduce your risk, you can keep your focus click here for more info on enjoying the different aspects of your trip.

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